Funeral Funding Resource

This site was developed for families and friends that want to provide a meaningful memorial for their loved one but need help with funeral costs associated with final arrangements.

The passing of a loved one can come unexpectedly and family members may prefer an immediate cash advance, eliminating the pressure of paying a lump sum of money from their personal savings that might be allocated for other expenses or emergencies.

This immediate funding option also allows families to provide a more meaningful memorialization rather than be forced to go the more cost effective route because funds are not readily available at time of passing.

We want to inspire families to provide a funeral service that is meaningful and not necessarily always determined by price. When families focus, celebrate and recall the remarkable stories of a person’s life, rather than focusing on the loss, something magical happens… you provide your family some relief from emotional distress during a time of deep grief and confusion.

This is what we are about, to help provide the resources to fund a funeral and to help families make final arrangements that honors the life of a loved one with dignity. Creating an unforgettable experience will help you heal faster knowing the final tribute provided was personal, filled with love, compassion and respect.

Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on several things at Funeral Funding Resource, including being committed to the families we serve. This is part of the reason we offer our products online, so families can get information about our services anytime from the comfort of their own homes or offices in a time of great need, and it is completely free to check, with no obligations.

Professional Process

Funeral Funding Resource prides itself on being transparent for families by providing all information upfront before they sign any agreement. Families may freely decline the funding at any time prior to paperwork being signed and have no obligation if they feel it’s not the right option for them. We never charge any hidden fees, pre-payment penalties or ask you to make balloon payments.

Competitive Rates

At Funeral Funding Resource our rates are competitive, and we work with families to give them a payment plan that fits their needs.

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